Tin Star Orphans

by Tin Star Orphans

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released March 17, 2014

This album was recorded throughout the year of 2013 at Echo Valley in Toronto.
It was engineered and recorded by Dean.
It was produced by Dean & Zachary.
It was mixed by Dean at 6 Nassau in Toronto.
It was mastered by Noah Mintz at Lacquer Channel in Toronto.
All songs by Tin Star Orphans.
All lyrics by Zachary.
Tigerlily painting by Mark Denomme.
Photographs by Vanessa Garrison.
© 2014 Tin Star Orphans



all rights reserved


Tin Star Orphans

This is a renewed and reinvigorated Tin Star Orphans.
With a new beginning comes a new outlook. The band has parted ways with their record label in order to breathe more intimacy and passion into their work as they live and die for their music and for you, their fans. ... more

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Track Name: 1K Years
I've walked for a thousand years on these broken feet
A map on the devil's chest told me where i'd find peace
But this road just goes on and on
And time peels away my youth
And god sadly shakes his head
How i dream of the day i'll land safely in the shade of you
I'll punish all the faces that laughed and told me that i'd never find it
So i'll push with this fuel in my lungs
I'll limp until my heart lays me down
I'll sing until the sobs flood out
Track Name: Medicine
Your mind's been darkness bound for thirty odd years now
Pulling your strings and making you sing sad kill me songs
You've got it wrong, kid
It's not about who's strong
See, you still belong with the rest of us fools
Raw broken and free
I got the call from our brother
I sank down to the floor
Time stopped when we discovered the note on your door
The cataclysmic pressure inside you
Pushes you down when no one's around to cradle your pain
The medicine's wrong
Your doctor's a fraud
The dosage was off by at least five hundred milligrams
We all thought you were free from the licking beast of disease
Then i found your broken heart at the foot of the stairs
If i could i would tear mine out for you
I would tear it out
Just to have you back again
Track Name: The Last Laugh
Don't hurt those precious little talons
You dig a hole too deep and it will never close
It just grows and grows
Burn it to the ground, see if i mind
Bury yours alive
But you have taken mine
You have crossed a line this time
Don't chip those shiny pearly whites on things that you swore
Would never tarnish you and your holy views
I don't get it, i don't understand
What did i do to drive you out of your mind
You have crossed a line this time
I see no other way
The gloves have come off
Don't spit your history
You're drowning in the past
Just try and fuck with me
My laugh is always last
Track Name: Nowhere
A dragon lies alone and dormant in my chest
As i stare out over streets that lead to destinations
Forgotten long ago
A tiny giggle from the past invades my ear
Its owner someone that i once knew long ago
It plunges, it pulverizes me
This broken heart's begun to bleed
Like a single bloody handprint in the snow
My heart's held a mystery forever
That no one but you could ever solve
Please hold me before i kill us all
Nowhere left to run to now
I'm done running anyhow
Hold me up
Don't let me fall
O, my god
It's coming back
Track Name: Dead Man's Suit
I came to in a cedar box
In a dead man's suit, on a bed of rocks and
O, this ain't my day
The fat, old officer who stole my clothes
Is just a wooden puppet with a growing nose and
O, his time will come
I came to this town of freaks
With a ten-dollar pistol and a losing streak
O, will it ever cease
Sisters on a blistered photograph
Tucked in my breast with a bitter laugh and
O, the curse is strong, son
Dug my way to freedom with a butter knife
Then fashioned me a sling from a broken kite
O, this is going to sting
The time has come for this forsaken man
To get back what's been taken
O, payback's a bitch
When all is said and done
When the kids have had their fun
Just wait until it's my turn
Light a match
Watch it burn
Track Name: Tigerlily
The sun is outside
In a world that rattles on
It calls empty threats that put pressure on our bones
Still we won't let it take the night
That we swore would end our lonely lives
I believe i found it in the blessing of your eyes
In a sweaty, tearstained mess
They found their way to mine
The gift that brought this body back to life
O, claim this flesh with whispers in our eyes
The victory of your breath as it gets lost inside
The caverns of your heaving chest
We die a million times
We won't let the morning in
Our dry throats moan a lovers' hymn
Track Name: Holiday On Ice
I am the avalanche that obliterated your poor town
I am the missing dog that your cousins never found
I am an orphanage full of runty broken kids
I am a lullaby that your father now forbids
I am an orchestra at the bottom of the lake
I am an astronaut forever floating out in space
I am the holiday that we never got to take
I am the sad mistake that's written all over your face
I guess i let you down
I know i let you down
But i swear it's the last time
Track Name: Fold
My heart is full to the lip with ice
As i lay broken in your arms tonight
But we will fold together
My mouth is poison when words fall out
Let's keep this moment hidden in it's silent shroud
So we can fold together
Track Name: Sun Sinking West
sun sinking west
with all these colours, how can i forget
a drunken mother in a festive vest
clumsy lovers and a broken bed
A guilty brother that i've not forgiven yet
Late nightly news
Paints the darkness of my living room
Tells a story of a family feud
A double murder and man named blue
The haunting image of a girl i think i once knew
Cold-blooded kill
Forty ounces and a clench of pills
When they found him it was quite a chill
Gently swinging from the windowsill
A crimson message on the wall
tru luvs bin killd
Sun rising east
The horizon is a sight to see
A soothing ointment on these memories
A warm reminder of a day unseen
One day they'll find her and i pray shell be at peace
She will be free
Track Name: Until I Died
I was drilling holes in my chest
Holes i couldn't close, even at my best
I was killing time engulfed in flames
And i had lost my mind until you came
To save me
It was getting cold in my life
And i was growing old until i died
With you
Track Name: Fight Like Lovers
Don't say that you don't mind
Because i know you're dying
To come home
I want to pull you inside
I want to make you swoon
I want to hold you tonight
Let's burn down the room
Let's fuck until were bruised
Let's fight like lovers do
Track Name: Purple Heart
I lost my heart in a war
It lies on the sleeve of my enemy
On some distant shore
You found my lifeless cold form
You fearlessly reached into me
Now i have yours
What we've got here is what i will now
Live for
I met my fate on the sea
It tossed me around, flipped upside down
To drown underneath
You took the dark with your glow
You eased my fear with songs in my ear
Now i'm not alone
What we have been is what i'll proudly
Die for