by Tin Star Orphans



released October 13, 2013



all rights reserved


Tin Star Orphans

This is a renewed and reinvigorated Tin Star Orphans.
With a new beginning comes a new outlook. The band has parted ways with their record label in order to breathe more intimacy and passion into their work as they live and die for their music and for you, their fans. ... more

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Track Name: Slack-Jaw
Sometimes I go where I ain't supposed to
Lawd only knows what I leave inside you
Still I float over rooftops laughing at the lonely
Fare the well all you slack-jaw motherfuckers

My glory bound journey just got started
One thing I've found; lovin' ain't for free, kid
How they'll laugh and spit at you and all that you have stood for
Stand your ground around those slack-jaw motherfuckers
Track Name: The Night We Touched The Stars
Candy floss
The sleeping dogs, they lie
Under the Ferris Wheel's swing
Children's painted faces smeared with sugar sweets
Still sweating from the night we all touched the stars

Plastic Horses circle 'round the wooden faces
Smiling at the sun they're shaded from
Screaming girls on tilt-a-whirls
Cling tightly to the prizes that the boys won for them

Circus midgets ridget under canopies of silky memories
They'd love to repeat
Wailing babies cling to breasts that won the best in 1965
When Gram was still alive
Track Name: Wear A Frown
Make a sound, Darling. With your mouth around my heart. To breathe with you so deep inside. It's cold without you. I should go before I start to sleep and dream of these eyes that hold me close. And no one knows it.

Penny for your thoughts? Dollar for the life we lost when you forgot to chew. The cost it takes to hold you
one more day. Lover, please believe it's you in me. Forever laughing, not choking on these leaves

Everyone's allowed to wear a frown.
Track Name: Let You Down
Somehow my golden life has named it's price. My God is frozen under bags of ice. Still I'm working out all of those curses that strung me from my doubt. Don't let me let you down.

Some say the lonely render in their sleep. Don't think you'll owe me if I keep the peace. Because I'm too far gone to turn the tides in favour of a trip too long. Don't let me let you down

Please don't give up on me. I'm still alive and kicking free.

Don't stop the flurries blowing in your mind. Still in a hurry, are we? To save my life? But it's no use now. Caught in a cycle of my self-abuse, while preaching proud with my pants down. Don't let me let you down.
Track Name: Miss You
Your crooked teeth make a velvet smile. Hollow Eyes, it's clear you've run for miles. Yeah, I'm drunk but it's okay. Because it's on this floor I'm going to lay and wait. Singing, "Hey, I miss you."

Count the freckles on your naked arm. Naming constellations at the bar. All's forgiven come back home. It sure beats living in this hole alone. Screaming: "Hey, I miss you."
Track Name: Farmers' Pants
I don't know about you, but I think we're both stuck on this coaster ride. So much I need to tell you, like I fear someone's out to take my life away.

Let us run away until it's clear we've killed our fears and we're feeling safe. I'll find us a cave to call our home and shelter us on winter days and nights.

In my dreams I see it's you and me and some old rusted symphony. You'll wear smiles for armour and my farmers' pants will end above the knee, you'll see.

Guess it's over, around and through. And you.
Track Name: The Night Wind
My pretty baby went out dancing in the rain. They all said, "Man, ain't she crazy!". Boys, she's just a bit insane.

Silly signals in your eyes make me feel like I'm at home. Honey Lips, you cannot lie about the things we've always known.

Fill your lungs with smokey air. Cast your notes into the creek. The night wind screams through your hair and it echoes for a week.

Slept together on your rug, through some lonesome autumn's night. Your love ran through me like a drug.
Your eyes were soft, your lips were tight.

So, I'm calling out to you, dear. I'm begging you to please come and find me in the New Year. Hold me close and whisper, "Darling, my sweet darling. Never You fear."
Track Name: Autumn Eyes
The pain's gone underground, where it can't be found. Because it's over now and forever. See you around.

The days of candied lies. I pray for our demise. Scar tissue heals what it cannot feel another day. Because it's over now and forever. See you around. I guess.
Track Name: If Only
I wanna drown beneath the sea that separates our swollen feet. There's no union left to speak of. I guess you're now one of them, the type that drinks with foreign men. Is it so easy to forget?

You are so lonely, my friend. If only I could break myself in two. So one's with you. To cut the noose when you refuse the simple task to lose the mask you hide behind when things don't last.

I'd spend all eternity with you pinned under my knees. If I only knew it would keep you from stepping out of the line that guarantees you home on time. Are you ever coming back?

You are so lonely, my friend. If only I could be the one to ease your broken knees that you received for your belief that no one needs to die for freedom and a peace we'll never see. Just close your eyes and think of me. Close your eyes and there I'll be.